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The Girls that make the Magic happen



The Horse who started it all

Justa is the inspiration for Freedom Reins. Don't worry it doesn't go to her head too often. Justa has overcome quite a lot of things in her past that had caused her to be very anxious and afraid at times. Often leading to her shutting down and not wanting to respond. Just like us, horses get overwhelmed too.
Over the past few years, she has learned to trust and love those around her. She is hoping to help others overcome their fears and get some treats along the way. Justa loves trail rides and treats and is partial to rolling in the grass on sunny days.



The Girl with the Biggest Heart

Belle is beauty and grace at 18 years young and is a retired Draft horse. Rescued by Draft Gratitude in Winchester, NH. We couldn't be more grateful to have her. After a long life of hard work, Bell came to us with significant soreness and found a soft place to land.

Belle was very nervous and reserved when she first arrived. Becki and Belle quickly became a pair, and with the help of Denise, her personality started to show.  Belle is very insightful and quickly picks up on feelings from those around her.  She shares a great bond with her two "moms" and loves to take a trail ride with her friends or a nice roll in the green grass after a bath. 

We will be forever grateful for the time we had with Belle, she touched so many hearts. She will always be a part of the team that helped Freedom Reinsmake its start. 

Over the Rainbow bridge September 2022



Sass Queen

Arriving all the way from Ohio in 2021, this lovely lady enjoys being petted, brushed, and generally being swooned over. Loves long walks, and apple-flavored treats.
Ebony is considered a fashionista you can see her dressing up for all holidays. Only get her good side if you are taking photos. She takes payment for photos in the form of treats.



Class Clown

Came to Freedom Reins out of Mason, NH.  Indie loves attention and is the class clown in the herd.  Very inquisitive and can usually be found with her head or foot somewhere it should not be.  Indie is incredibly sweet with all the children and every one is her best friend.  Indie is always up for a cuddle, and enjoys wearing hats or at least removing them from whoever is wearing them.



Treat Queen

Came to Freedom Reins from Draft Gratitude in Winchester, NH.  Maya has a gentle soul and enjoys a good brushing.  Maya will follow anyone around the paddock to make sure they complete the chores.  Maya is partial to Russel and Tim and was a great help while they were building her a new stall.  Maya enjoys lesson time as long as the treats come at the end.  She will let you know if you have forgotten them

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